Cultural Militarisation

This is a subversive and much unspoken phenomenon in modern politics.

It is called cultural militarisation, and it has been happening for at least 10-20 years.

It is more than peculiar how many tasteless, poorly directed, yet well-funded war films are being reeled out in quick succession, often well timed with real events. The idea is to spoon-feed the populace with a deliberate rhetoric, especially for youths, that skews the perception of historical events, or otherwise normalises and ingrains the notion of conflict and warfare within society.

Outside of Hollywood, the indocrination persists. Radio, TV, video-games, and bumper-stickers further remind us that socio-militaristic concepts can only be discussed or contemplated within themes “Honour” and “Sacrifice”. Never is the argument of honouring the “sacrifice of the fallen” presented as a scrutiny of the systematic failure to prevent the war that caused the misery in the first place. The emphasis of sacrifice should be just as marked and poignant and as the lesson to be learned, yet it never is. To present such arguments is to reveal the past and present conduct of government, which in turn would threaten its very constitution, contrary to its own interest of self preservation.

Cultural militarisation is propaganda designed to fabricate popular consensus in for a recent or future war, thus helping to legitimise the government and its policies.

It’s obvious, and it reeks of desperate and pitiful political decay.


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