The Hinkley Vanity Project

At an estimated cost of £30bn cost, Hinkley will be the most expensive power station ever built by mankind. It’s worth putting the concept of this nuclear power station under scrutiny:

  • The plant should begin producing electricity in 2025.
  • Non nuclear energy is vastly cheaper
  • It will force cheaper renewables off government energy policy for much of its subsidised life (35 years upon completion).
  • For the duration of its subsidised life, the cost of its electricity will remarkably be double that of the current wholesale price
  • At no point, even after completing its subsidised life, will it be producing electricity cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having invested the same resources toward renewable energy production
  • Hinckley would only provide 7% of our power needs if it were switched on now
  • Two comparable nuclear plant projects were implemented elsewhere recently, both vastly over the estimated budget
  • It is French owned, so only the French enjoy the fiscal benefits
  • It is Chinese built, so only the Chinese enjoy the monetary benefits

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