Cameron The Brexit Mastermind

Though some may carry an impressive aptitude for imagination, I find it hard to accept that Cameron “masterminded” Brexit.

Aside from his past EU scepticism already being debunked, his inconsistency, negligence and incompetence in government was so severe, that to me, it indicates a serious and overarching inability for cohesive policy-making. It is the simple matter of his unintelligence that eliminates the ability for executing a subversive ‘double-agent’ strategy, while at the same time being consistently unable to achieve any kind of conviction for any other unrelated policy ambition.

One might even argue that his incompetence was a deliberate instrument to eliminate such suspicions, but this can only be true if the sum of what is to be gained from Brexit is greater than the sum of six years of consistent and significant political failure across all areas of government. As this remains to be seen, what reveals the allegation as mere flattery, is the absolute lack of imagination for even the most basic of plans for an EU exit. The absence of such plan is totally unnecessary and only detrimental to the cause, if not indicative of sociopathic negligence. Either way, it’s not a positive outcome.

As intriguing as the theory might be, sadly, Brexit was another of his careless calamities, conjured by his usual neglectful attitude born out of ignorance and galvanised by privilage and entitlement.


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