Is the EU Democratic?

The policy making institutions of the EU are as follows:

  1. The European Parliament: The only directly elected of the EU institutions, but it has weaker powers than the Council, and does not have legislative initiative. The average EU-wide turnout for the previous MEP elections was 42%.
  2. The Council of the European Union: Members not directly elected to the post. President is not directly elected.
  3. The European Council: The president is not directly elected.
  4. The Commission: The Commission is led by a President who is nominated by the Council. The remaining 27 Commissioners are nominated by member-states, in consultation with the President, and have their portfolios assigned by the President. Responsible for legislation proposition, decision implementation, treaty upholding, day-to-day running. Has 23,000 administrators.

I would say no, and moreover:

  • It didn’t do anything about our recent neo-imperialist shenanigans.
  • It didn’t do anything about the 2008 banking crisis.
  • It’s an obstacle to local, decentralised and direct democracy.
  • It’s expensive.

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