Brexit – Fag Packet 10 Point Plan

Expecting a total inability from our government to produce any kind of meaningful Brexit strategy, I chose to spend 10 minutes devising my own plan upon hearing the result.

  1. Commitment to replace as-is trade agreements and legislation with no loss, using recouped membership fee to mitigate trade tariff implications.
  2. Committment to secure residency for EU nationals currently in the UK
  3. A ten year enhanced phase two trade agreement
  4. Form industry committees for agreement and analysis of replacement policies
  5. A bilateral public apology and acknowledgement of the campaign vitreal
  6. Public acknowledgement of the referendum being called predominantly for electioneering purposes
  7. Call an early general election for a political mandate in light of Cameron’s resignation, but also as a vote in confidence for the government, given its serious and consistent policy failures under Cameron
  8. Devise a mechanism to align a selective immigration policy with an economic policy, but also include housing, infrastructure, and public services.
  9. Offset investor uncertainty using corporation tax and interest rate amendments
  10. Invoke article 50

Maybe I could apply for a cabinet position?


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